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Often people ask me what to wear during a photoshoot, e.g. during an engagement shoot, on their big day when they are about to say “yes to spending the rest of their lives with the person of their dreams, during their honeymoon, or a simple portrait or family shooting.

My tips are:

  • #1 – wear matching outfits!
    in terms of style and colours, preferably do not mix more than 3 colours
  • bride: midi or maxi dress, preferably avoid minidresses
    best colours: off-white, nude pink/rose, burgundy, petrol, mink, mauve
  • groom: a formal shirt with or without a tie is always a good idea, formal trousers or chinos, jacket is not a must, avoid shirts with prints
    best colours for shirts: white or light grey, off-white/beige,  burgundy, navy
    best colours for trousers: dark grey, navy, petrol, burgundy, black, charcoal


Here some suggestions for nice dresses that will look great in your photos:


You can find elegant and beautiful prom dresses HERE.
They are perfectly suitable for photoshoots and can be worn to so many other events in your life.

I fell in love with the dress of one my bride-to-be’s during a shoot, luckily she revealed her secret where she got her dress from.
They have different styles, from casual chic over elegant and extravagant to vintage and bohemian.
…and the best thing….they are good quality and affordable!
Great for photoshoots on the beach are pleated or chiffon dresses


Great for photoshoots in the fields, mountains, forest, jungles are pleated or chiffon dresses A-Line or pleated dresses
  • from nude pink over purple to red dresses: any shades, really


For portrait or fashion shoots, your imagination is free to go wild and choose any colours, including multi, subtle prints or black.
Check out this black prom dress

Vintage Dresses are great in so many scenes and locations,
and I personally love the tight vintage dresses and the vintage dresses with the prom skirts.
Great for pictures in cities or in the nature.
Beautiful cheap prom dresses for every occasion: check it out here

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